Apron strings…

He looks forward...to his future.  I watch and observe...trying to take it all in before he flees.

He looks forward…to his future. I watch and observe…trying to take it all in before he flees.

Sometimes I don’t know how my own mother did it…just let us kids do what we did.  

I’m sitting here after midnight waiting for my oldest son to get back from seeing a movie.  With a 10:30pm start, you know he’s going to be home well after midnight.  And you know, I’m that mom who won’t be able to sleep until he’s through the door.

Earlier today he announced quite matter-of-fact, that he was going to attend some gaming thing in Toronto.  Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah…was what I heard on the outside.  On the inside was, eeekkkk!!!  he wants to drive down by the 400/401, in all that traffic, with all those crazy drivers that want to cut you off and…I’m not ready for this!!!

Enter the voice of reason.  “What’s wrong with that?” “He has to go sometime” “He’ll be fine”.

They don’t get that I need time to get used to the idea.

I didn’t say no, I wasn’t even planning to say it.  I was just needing to process the idea…good thing they don’t grow up faster than they already do, my heart just can’t recuperate that fast.


The quest to get organized…


2014-07-10 20.31.07

I love this digital age.  If I am looking for an invoice or want to refer back to a conversation, I can search for it in my email, or, a file on my computer.

Paper is my enemy.  It multiplies, I just can’t help it!

I heard once or twice, the organized person handles a piece of paper once.  Picks it up and handles it.  Moi, I fear someone actually being able to count the number of times it’s been handled and the numerous places it may have traveled.

So today, somewhat selfishly, I invited a friend over to “do paperwork” together.  Of course I feel her pain as she shared with me her struggle to get it done at home.  Not being in a traditional office can pose a challenge to us butterfly enthusiasts.  And so she arrived, and although it wasn’t 100% productive, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was further ahead than I would have been without her here.  I am steps closer to handling the mounds of receipts that are being sorted for tax purposes.  She will be invited again 😀


And so it begins…

It was suggested to a wonderful friend of mine to start blogging.  As she contemplated this concept, she knew she wanted a “name” for it that would encompass everything she wanted her blog to be.  We tossed around ideas and one made the grade.  In that process I decided I might as well give it a whirl too, goodness knows there’s lots roaming around in this head of mine, might as well share some of it 😉